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The North Coast Gamers Welcome to The North Coast Gamers! We are a group that gather at various locations for some friendly games and fun. All kinds of games are played such as traditional board games, Euro Games, RPGs, miniatures games, computer games and a whole host of other games!

Where we gather: The plan is to have members host events from time to time, but only on a volunteer basis. We also have arranged to have meetups at local game shops and other venues if it is more centrally located to those attending. Each event will be posted on this web site along with an email sent to all members. As we have members from more areas than just our founding region of Northern Ohio, we are encouraging others to join our group and use our site to coordinate activities in their own regions (Denver, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Brenton to name a few)

What other games do our members play? The North Coast Gamers play a great variety of games. The group is open to a variety of tabletop games, RPG, LAN games, board games, miniature games and even some party games . Simply sign up and post a note if there is any interest.

Who can join? The group is open to ALL ages, but some hosts may set an age limit to who can attend their meetup. Since the group events will be in both private homes, public venues and in local game shops, we expect all players to be capable of being mature and accept what we do for what it is…a game. Respect for other players and their homes/businesses are critical. We welcome all levels of game play experience, having individuals who have never played to those having years of experience. We encourage our members to bring friends so long as they follow the guidelines above. We have open gaming most of the time but we also have campaigns and multi-day events.

Are there any membership Fees? No. Although for ONLY $5.00 each year for Supporting Member status. However, members under age 18 obtain Supporting Member status for FREE! Being a Supporting Member brings with it special benefits in the organization: •Automatic entry in our Game a Month Giveaway •Discounts at participating sponsors •50% discounts at Origins Game Fair (a $30.00 value) •Check out priveleges of our Game Library •Online access to the NCG Steam account and library of PC games •Supporting Member events

How do I pay for dues? That’s Easy! Either hand the meetup organizer your $5.00 and he/she will record it and let me know. Alternatively, you can send a payment via Paypal to: DanMazur@MSN.com (Please make sure that payment is a ‘personal payment’ otherwise we will be charged a service fee.)

Schedule: We hope to have at least several events each month. Days of the week simply depend on who is available. If you can gather a group of people to do a game on a weeknight or weekend, go for it! Be courteous to people who might make arrangements to attend, and don’t make a cancellation last minute if it can’t be helped…particularly if you are the person hosting it. Any events or changes in scheduling can and should be posted to this site and an email sent to all members. If for some reason, members cannot make a game when they had RSVP-ed, we request they contact the host so that folks aren’t waiting around to begin. Please be courteous to those trying to schedule events and RSVP whenever possible.

What we offer: We are associated with a variety of stores that provide discounts to members of the North Coast Gamers. Not all do, and some do on occassion and some don’t at all. So members are encouraged not to ignore their emails when a discount announcement comes across from the group. That just means that one of our sponsors was nice enough to give us a discount on certain items or for a certain limited time. North Coast Gamers gave away over $1,100 in prizes in 2009 to attendees at our events. We try to randomize the events since we have so many and so that the prizes are of a quality/value that makes them worth while. Therefore, door prizes were given out at about a dozen or so events. In 2010, we will be limiting our door prizes at events and instead directly supporting our Game a Month giveaway. This new program will provide a better way to get some of these prizes out to members who might not be able to make some of our events.Now all we need is YOU to participate and have fun!

North Coast Gamers

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